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Tattooing has been a Eurasian practice at least since Neolithic times. Ötzi the Iceman, dating from the 5th to 4th millennium BC, was found in the Ötz valley…
Perfect Tattoo


  1. Michelle says:

    I got a tattoo of a sun on the back of my neck 7 weeks ago. It is in all black and it still burns like a sunburn. The tattoo is not red, swollen, or anthing else. The tattoo looks perfect on the outside it just burns like a sunburn on the inside. What could this be?

  2. Stasha-Pistachio says:

    No idea..
    If its an allergy, it should be red. It makes little sense for the middle to react but not the outside, when its all one colour.

    You could try a topical antihistimine, which might well help ease it.
    Otherwise, go back to the tattooist.

  3. Gemma says:

    So I am seriously considering getting my first tattoo! And I am trying to research where to get it. It is going to be about 6inch by 6inch and colour so I am nervous I will not find the right artist. What are some signs that maybe I should find a new artist. And what are some qualities in artist I should be looking for.

    Oh and sorry if this is a stupid question I just want to make sure this tattoo is perfect!!
    Oh I live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

  4. InkedMama♥BeautifulDisaster says:

    It’s not a stupid question! It’s an extremely sensible one! And the only stupid questions in life are the questions you don’t ask anyway!

    Where abouts do you live? (Just on the tiny off chance you live near me I’ll give you an idea!)

    But alternatively – do any of your friends have tattoos? With me, it was a relatively easy choice when I had my first because I have a lot of tattooed friends who have all been to the same place. If that’s not the case for you, then I would try and ask around – see if there are any forums local to you, or even if you spot someone with amazing recent looking tattoos, ask where they got them done. Although you shouldn’t rely solely on word of mouth, it’s a good starting block, because artists obviously pick out their best pieces to go in their portfolio and I’ve seen crap work produced by artists with good looking portfolios – which were presumably all flukes. So try and ask around for a bit of hearsay advice. Also, type your town into google with ‘tattoo’ after it and see if it brings up any webpages for studios local to you. Usually these have portfolios on – and although as I said they’re not the be all and end all, it is a must to check out some of their past work. The bigger the portfolio the better – I’m always suspicious if an artist only has a handful of pics in the portfolio, makes me wonder if he only has a handful of pieces worth showing off. If you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, you could always post links to studios you’re looking at in a question on here (or even an additional details to this) and people who’ve had a bit of experience or who are artists themselves might be able to give you an idea of whether they seem any good or not. And then the final step is checking out the shop. Chat to the artist, don’t be scared they don’t bite! Check for obvious cleanliness standards, that they’re wearing gloves and not cross contaminating everything, look out for an autoclave and a sharps bin and so on and so forth – but if you pick a mainstream studio that you’ve heard of then it should all be fine – that advice only really applies if you’ve gone to a little backstreet place. Ask the artist how long he’s been tattooing for, how much experience he has in *whatever style you’re having*, ask if he has any photos of work he’s done in a similar style. If he seems eager to help you and his work looks good and he seems professional and hygenic then you should be set to go!

  5. ClaudiaN says:

    It will be in black and gray, but more importantly I need this tattoo to be perfect and as realistic as possible and I am willing to pay whatever is necessary.

  6. LucyintheSky... says:

    If you go to the Tattoo place near 14th and U street NW (on U St between 14th and 13th) and ask if Alex is around he does AWESOME WORK! He did a tattoo for my boyfriend of the twin towers and it was amazing. He works in black the best. If you see the tats on his arms (VERY cool) those were done by his mentor who taught him so he’s learned that from him. He may not be there anymore, because I heard he may be moving, but go try it out!

  7. Chelsea says:

    I want a sunflower tattoo, a perfect cirlce, perfect giant petals. I want it look kinda realistic, not so cartoony, but i’m just not sure where to put it. I want it to be the size of a little less than 3 inches accross, maybe smaller. But i have NO IDEA where to put it. Everyone says like back shoulder, ankle, back of neck? But i don’t know about all that.
    Thanks so much!

  8. admin says:

    i think the back of your shoulder would look really cute!

  9. shivahaze12 says:

    The main tattoo is brightly colored and intensely. There is a separate smaller tattoo on the top in solid red. This smaller piece is highly faded and a less intense tone of red compared to the red tones in the main tattoo. The tattoo is nine days old. I took excellent aftercare precautions. I removed the bandage after three hours and washed the area gently with mild soap and lukewarm water. Every day I have applied a thin layer of Bepanthen cream after leaving the shower and patting the area dry. The rest of the tattoo is perfect. This one area has healed very poorly. The red tone is less bright and vivid almost pink rather than the deep blood red I desired. I believe I need to go back next week for extra work on it. What could have caused this to occur? The area flaked as normal and it’s a separate area that has the poor healing.

  10. pamm says:

    it sounds like it wasn’t deep enough..i got one on my wrist and there is a area that was to be yellow and red but it faded and i went back and he said he probably didn’t go deep enough..

  11. AngelMan says:

    I want find a perfect tattoo for my chest, and i really want it to look perfect.

  12. golfer says:

    Start in a tattoo parlor

  13. Spinnacak says:

    I would like to get something to remember our first black president, and I think that a neck tattoo is the perfect way.

  14. DearOlivia, says:


  15. bigbadbirmz says:

    from a tattoo shop and the person messes it up? what can/would you do to them? does everybody get a perfect tattoo? what are the chances of one of the tattoo artists messing it up? how do they train to do tattoos?

  16. TheBeastWhatSqueaks says:

    No tattoo is ever 100% perfect. Tattoos are done by human beings, and as such, human error can come into play. Sometimes it’s just a slightly wobbly line that’s barely noticeable. Sometimes, it’s more serious, like a misspelled name or a messed up date. Good tattoo artists will always put a stencil on your skin first, or freehand a design on, and get you to approve it before tattooing it. If you have agreed to a tattoo with lettering/dates on it, and approve the stencil, then the onus is on you to have provided the correct spelling and/or date. Artists aren’t psychic, and they won’t know that you really meant 05/07 when you provided him/her with 07/05.
    Very professional studios will have insurance, and will offer to either repair the damage or remove it by paying for laser removal. It is extremely rare that a professionally done tattoo will require this sort of damage control/repair. Professional artists will complete an apprenticeship that involves training to tattoo on either pigskin or artificial skin (i.e. vinyl) before even being allowed to touch human skin, although every studio varies in their training methods. This is why I always advise people to go to a licensed, insured studio rather than some guy who bought a tattoo gun off an auction site and is tattooing out of his garage. At least then, you have some comeback if something goes wrong.

  17. Carli says:

    I’m getting a Hebrew tattoo of Philippians 4:13 down my rib cage with “henna-like” designs with intricate flowers and vines. This tattoo will be black and gray. I really need to find the most perfect tattoo artist that really does lettering and designs well. I’m super picky about detail too. If you could please help me find one with a shop in Los Angeles, it would be greatly appreciated.

  18. ALEX_EB_NJ says:

    well this place is expensive but its called LA ink and when it comes to tattoos the cheap is expensive meaning don’t get it done at some tattoo place with no reputation because it will end up bad but your asking for the best so this shouldn’t be a problem and either Kat Von D or Corey u cant miss him because he is the only guy that works at the shop hahahah but i think Corey does better lettering Kat does nice portraits but all in all they’re professional artists so either should be good but also give Hanna a look at cuz she does nice intricate designs..hope this helped
    P.S- LA ink has their own tv show and they’re also one of the most reputable tattoo parlors ;)

  19. Kenneth says:

    Ok so everyone knows tattoos are forever. Which means you have to put a lot thought into what you want (which I have) but that is not enough you also have the right tattoo artist. So I guess that’s my question.

    How do I find the perfect tattoo artist?

    I have been watching those tattoo shows and some of those tattoos are just awful. I would hate to wind up with something I hate for the rest of my life!

  20. austr[alia] says:

    I was in the same boat and all i did was Yelp it. type in tattoo parlor and your select city and whatever you are comfortable with (pricing, location, number of stars) is the parlor you’d most probably want to get your tattoo at.

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